The following Concession Cards entitle the bearer to discounted or free travel.

Concession Cards must be shown to the driver upon boarding the bus, or a full fare will be charged.

Download the Bus NSW Concession Cards poster

Concession Card Name Concession Fare Free Travel
School Student Travel Scheme (SSTS) Travel Pass YES YES
Vision Impairment Travel Pass - YES
Companion Card - YES
Assistance Animal Permit - YES
City Rail Ex-Member of Defence Forces Pass - YES
WW1 Veteran Travel Pass - YES
Blinded Soldier Pass - YES
State Travel Card - YES
Proof of Age Card YES NO
Full-time Secondary Student Identification Card YES NO
Tertiary Student Identification Card YES NO
Jobseekers Card YES NO
Apprentice/Trainee Identification Card YES NO
Centrelink Pensioner Concession Card - NSW YES NO
NSW Seniors Card YES NO
NSW War Widow/er Concession Card YES NO