Customer Survey

Dear Customer,

We are surveying our customers to see if there are areas where we can improve the bus services to the community by either rerouting buses or adding destinations not currently serviced.

We are interested in your feedback and would appreciate you taking the time to complete this survey either on the form provided by our drivers, or on the form below

Customer Survey Form

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Existing routes for school buses:

Are there any routes you would like to see changes to?

Existing Service Bus Routes 857, 860 & 861:

Are there any changes to the 857, 860 & 861 routes?

Extended Route Passenger Services:

Are existing Monday-Friday 857, 860 and 861 services adequate?

Are existing Saturday/Public Holiday 857, 860 and 861 service adequate?

Would you like to see Route Passenger Services extended to the following destination?

South Durras

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